UCAN’s Impact

香蕉视频app免费下载We’ve saved San Diegans over 400 million dollars since we’ve been established.

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香蕉视频app免费下载We’re here to fight for the public’s interest, but we can’t do that without your help. Consider becoming a UCAN member – your generous donations go a long way in that fight.

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UCAN’s efforts are focused on:

Intervening In Legal Proceedings

UCAN intervenes in legal proceedings before the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) by supporting litigation in court cases.

Individual Utility Customers

UCAN primarily focuses its efforts on the rates and services of San Diego Gas & Electric company (SDG&E), the City of San Diego Water Department (and other local water departments), cell phone carriers and cable companies.

Consumer Education

UCAN also engages in consumer education through speaking engagements. If you are interested in having UCAN come to speak at your meeting or function please contact us.

How We’ve Helped

UCAN is a nonprofit organization that monitors utility and energy issues including gas, electricity, telecommunications, and cable TV. We protect consumer interests by advocating for lower rates before regulatory bodies, such as the California Public Utilities Commission.

Educate Rate Payers

Provide info on fair utility rates

Lower Bills

Save San Diegans money

Our Latest PrOceedings

Application 19-07-006

香蕉视频app免费下载Application of SAN DIEGO GAS & ELECTRIC COMPANY (U902E) for Approval of Electric Vehicle High Power Charging Rate Filed July 3, 2019 Summary of the Proceeding: In the Electric Vehicle High Power (EV-HP) proceeding SDG&E presented its proposals for the interim...

Rulemaking 19-09-009

Order Instituting Rulemaking Regarding Microgrids Pursuant to Senate Bill 1339 Filed September 12, 2019 Summary of the Proceeding:  The Commission initiated an Order Instituting Rulemaking (OIR) to begin crafting a policy framework surrounding the...

Application 19-04-014

Authority to Establish Its Authorized Cost of Capital for Utility Operations for 2020 and to Partially Reset the Annual Cost of Capital Adjustment Mechanism. Filed April 22, 2019 Summary of the Proceeding: SDG&E, along with the other investor-owned utilities,...

Rulemaking 19-07-017

Consider Authorization of a Non-Bypassable Charge to Support California's Wildfire Fund. Filed July 26, 2019 Summary of the Proceeding: Pursuant to an emergency law passed by the Legislature (AB 1054), the CPUC opened a proceeding to determine whether to collect a...

Rulemaking 18-12-005

香蕉视频app免费下载Examine Electric Utility De-Energization of Power Lines in Dangerous Conditions Filed: December 13, 2018 Summary of the Proceeding: Subsequent to the CPUC previously ruling that utilities may, as a matter of last-resort and to avoid further wildfire damages, shut off...

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